Madeline Ehrman, Ph.D.

Consulting and Training
for Learning and Managing Conflict

Madeline Ehrman brings nearly 38 years of public service as an administrator, staff trainer, educational manager, and researcher.

She offers her services in training, counseling, problem solving, and teaching.

Her subject matter areas include applied linguistics, individual differences in teaching and learning, the psychology of learning and teaching, cross-cultural and interpersonal communication, and student counseling.
Dr. Ehrman has recently accepted a consulting contract with the Foreign Service Institute, U.S. Department of State
Recent News
Managing Conflict
Enhancing Learning
* Adult Foreign Language Learning

* Training of Trainers/Teachers/Learning Advisors

* Enhancing Student-Teacher Relations

* Individual Differences in Learning/Learning Styles
* Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in Work and Learning Groups
* Conflict Resolution Between Individuals
*Conflict Resolution in Work and Learning Groups
* Training in Active Listening